About Us

The devastating impact from coronavirus will be be felt for months with workers from entire industries (service, hospitality, tourism, etc) all losing their primary source of income.

Kindness For Corona was inspired by Shea Serrano's generous donation campaign on Twitter. People reached out explaining how they were impacted by coronavirus, shared proof of a financial need, and a quick way to receive support. After Shea maxed out his daily Venmo limit, a beautiful thing happened. Everyone else started chipping in!

When everything seems to be going wrong, our inner humanity starts to shine.

If you've been financially impacted by coronavirus, please submit an "Ask For Help." Our team will manually review submissions daily, including proof of identity (government ID) and proof of need (invoices, billing statements, etc) to ensure no one is taking advantage of our collective generosity.

Let's give back to those who need it most. Scroll through the homepage for individuals, or donate here and we'll split your contribution evenly across each submission.

We have logged proof of each donation made from these funds in this public spreadsheet..

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